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Rumors of a Strike

We understand that many associates are asking store leaders questions about rumors of a strike and are concerned what that could mean to them and their families.

Consider the following:

  • We had productive conversations during negotiations.
  • The company and union will meet again in January.
  • The company has made significant investments to better secure your pension and health care benefits.
  • Why would the union ask you to potentially jeopardize your paycheck and benefits when both bargaining committees have reached two fully recommended tentative agreements?
  • The company is invested in providing you with an agreement that offers good competitive wages, while maintaining your affordable health care and a pension for when you retire.

You can influence any future requests by the union or strike authorization by voting at any of the union’s upcoming meetings.


We believe no one wins with a strike. Not the stores. Not our customers. And not you, our associates. Some may try to convince you otherwise. But even then, whether you go on strike is up to you. It’s your individual choice.


If you have questions, please ask your store leader.


The choice is yours.

Do what is right for you and your family.

Fred Meyer Listens

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