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Union and Company Evaluate Economic Proposals

Fred Meyer and UFCW Local 300 union bargaining committees met this week to continue contract negotiations.

They reached tentative agreements on the operational language proposals and continued to evaluate proposals and discuss several key topics related to wages, healthcare, and pension benefits.

What’s Next:

The bargaining committees are scheduled to meet again the week of February 12 to continue these conversations.

Bargaining Process:

Bargaining is a process. It’s about discussing ideas, finding areas of compromise, and arriving at a solution that is both beneficial for our associates and keeps our stores competitive. It is important to note that this work is productive and a necessary part of the bargaining process.

Contract Extension:  

Last month, the union and company signed an extension on the Spokane Grocery, Meat and CCK contracts. With a contract extension, your current wages and benefits remain the same as they are today.

Why It Matters:

We know how important these conversations are to you and your family as the contract will determine your paycheck, your healthcare, and your pension.

Bottom Line:

Stay up-to-date through huddles with your store leader. Also, updates are posted on store bulletin boards and on this website.

We appreciate your patience throughout the bargaining process. Thank you for all you do support each other.

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